FSMP trains spiritual and financial mentors to get into the details, carefully assess the issues, and then come alongside hurting Christian families—working with their specific circumstances to reinforce spiritual principles, providing them with practical tools, and putting them in control of their finances.

Technical Mentoring

Technical mentors work in pairs as part of a four to six member team, including two Spiritual Mentors and and sometimes including technical experts in taxes, law, or other areas, as needed. Each of the ten weekly sessions lasts up to 2-1/2 hours and is based on a chapter in the FSMP Handbook. Technical mentors put into place an effective household financial system, including a record keeping and paper flow system, and help with particular financial challenges that the household is facing.

Spiritual Financial Mentoring

Spiritual mentors also work in pairs. They work with the participant household on a different day of the week than the technical mentors. These spiritual mentors pave the way for the technical part of the program by meeting for five weekly sessions using the Hearts and Minds Spiritual Manual. This five-week topical study addresses what scripture tells us about finances and stewardship. The weekly format includes Bible study, followed by an audio recording focused on encouraging good stewardship practices. Finally, family members have the opportunity to ask questions and receive Godly responses and prayer for the issues they are addressing.

Do I need to be a member of a specific church to be a mentor?

No, those willing to teach Christian principles presented in Bible-believing churches are welcome to take the training. We encourage mentors to take this program to their own churches. See how we work with Partner Churches by clicking here.

Would I be good at mentoring?

The best mentors are those who have PATIENCE, PERSISTENCE, and, in the case of technical mentors, an APTITUDE FOR MATH. Spiritual mentors should be able to converse well with others and stand firm on scripture.

How do I become a mentor?

Technical mentors are trained by completing a six-week course that covers the methods and principles used to handle the technical financial issues. Spiritual mentors attend a four-week course that covers key spiritual principles and addresses some of the more difficult spiritual questions that may arise. Both technical and spiritual mentors will shadow with an experienced mentor after completing the formal training.

If you have read this far, and you are still excited about this opportunity to serve, you are ready to take the first step. Contact us by clicking here.

Mentor Training Schedule

We typically hold 1-2 trainings each year. The next training sessions will be in the fall of 2020, location TBD.

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