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About FSMP Online

Enrollment is easy. Follow-through is challenging.

Who May Participate?

The FSMP is available to all willing to follow the Christian principles of stewardship regarding their finances. We welcome those who have completed biblical financial studies, such as those listed below, but completing these studies is NOT necessary to participate in FSMP.

Crown Biblical Financial Study
Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University
Good $ense Financial Study by Willow Creek Ministries
Howard Dayton’s Compass Program

Enrollment is easy, follow-through is challenging. Read everything before enrolling.

Time Commitment

We ask for a significant time commitment which includes the meetings with your mentors and time required to prepare for the next week’s session. We estimate an average time commitment of three to five hours a week for the Technical Sessions and one to two hours per week for the Spiritual Sessions. Our experience has shown that an intense and focused program is the best way to help others learn and put into practice God’s stewardship principles and gain control over finances. FSMP mentors are volunteers and put in many hours traveling to homes and assisting those whom they mentor. Therefore, we ask our enrolled participants to remain committed and invest the time necessary to complete the program.

Program Supplies

FSMP pays for your books and supplies so there is no cost to you. Mentors volunteer their time and there is no cost to you for their assistance.