Take control of your finances and gain a new sense of peace by applying Christian principles of stewardship.

What is FSMP?

Financial Stewardship Mentoring Program (FSMP)

Are you tired of trying to make ends meet when there never seems to be enough time in the day or dollars in the checking account? Have you turned the corner from wanting to get more organized or ahead of the game to losing ground every month?

Do you just want to cut through the clutter and know that you are on the right track? We can help with that!

Or has the train wreck already happened, and you need some help cleaning up the mess and getting back on track? We are ready to help with that, too!
The Financial Stewardship Mentoring Program was established to free Christians from debt to serve Christ. Based upon biblical principles of stewardship, the program pairs trained mentors with households seeking to gain control over their finances and establish effective stewardship of the resources entrusted to them.

This program cuts through the clutter and confusion of our complex financial system and helps participants avoid the pitfalls of debt and move toward contentment.

FSMP Participants express gratitude for the benefits and long-term changes they have seen in their families as they learn and implement biblical principles of stewardship. Today, we continue to help those looking for answers—answers that come first to the spirit and then, in practical, simple steps, to daily life—providing hope for a future of freedom and contentment.

We’re Waiting To Help You

Start transforming your life through manageable steps toward financial stability.

Who May Participate?

The FSMP is available to all willing to follow the Christian principles of stewardship regarding their finances.


The FSMP pays for your books and supplies so there is no cost to you. Mentors volunteer their time and there is no cost to you for their assistance.

Time Commitment

Time commitment is about 5-6 hours per week. It includes meetings with your mentors, plus study required to prepare for the next week’s technical session.